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This time tomorrow, the polls will have closed and the results will be pouring in. This campaign has been a truly humbling experience and I have learned so much. It has been a joy to meet and work with so many like-minded members of this community. I am so thankful for the opportunity to have spoken with so many inspiring individuals and to learn what truly matters to them as parents, as business owners, as residents of the 8th District.

Tomorrow we will continue to reach out to voters, but tonight – I am personally asking for your vote. While there are many qualified candidates in this race, I truly believe that I can make the biggest difference in Congress. What sets me apart is that I have dedicated my life to the service of others, without a political agenda. I am passionate about ensuring that people are empowered, given the resources necessary to thrive and the means to succeed.

My team and I cannot wait to see you at the polls, and are happy to help you make an election day plan. If you are unsure of your polling location, double check here.

In Congress, I promise to fight for your best interest. I promise to continue building coalitions to get things done and to never back down to Tea Party extremists who do not represent our shared values.

I promise to be the voice for women, for families, for federal workers, for the LGBT community, for the elderly and for every person in the 8th District. I promise to serve you.

Warmest Regards,