For decades, I have advocated for mothers and working families in Northern Virginia. In Congress, I will be a powerful voice on family issues. As a lifelong community activist, I have seen the challenges facing working mothers and children. I have worked tirelessly for affordable housing, youth empowerment, and eliminating the education achievement gap.

I have seen the affects economic instability can have on our neighborhoods and our families. I will fight for economic fairness for working families so the economy works for us all. At a time when economic inequality is at an all-time high, we must take action to ensure that low-income Americans do not fall through the cracks. The minimum wage must become a “living wage”, for if not, we face a record number of Americans falling into poverty. The working poor need a champion who is ready to fight for them. I have spent decades on the front lines working to put people back to work and back on their feet. But, I also know that until women are paid an equal wage, families will continue to suffer.